5 Useful Engine Modifications to Improve Your Car’s Performance

For improving the performance of a vehicle various car modifications can be useful that includes engine modifications. These modifications are usually installed in the vehicle’s auto parts as car enthusiasts are keen on making the most of their vehicles. However, opting for such car modifications can extend the performance and overall speed of the vehicle but car owners should be careful to avoid detrimental effects of car modifications.

Most often, car owners introduce modifications in a vehicle’s engine to increase the speed and improve performance. Usually, the vehicle’s engine handles the air intake by moving down the piston to create vacuum, which allows air at atmospheric pressure to be drawn into the combustion chamber. This is then combined with fuel to form an energy unit, turning into a horsepower or kinetic energy through combustion. This is made possible after the ignition from the spark plug of a vehicle.

In simple words, for increasing the speed of a vehicle and its overall performance as well, car enthusiasts need some efficient and powerful combustion. However, adding more fuel into the car’s engine cannot do its work alone due to the delicate link between oxygen and the fuel that are essential for combustion. Therefore, engine modifications to take more air and fuel inwards can make it possible to improve vehicle’s performance and speed.

Let’s have a look at five useful engine modifications to have a better driving experience and enabling high performance.


Through the installation of superchargers, air intake is pressurized to take it above the normal atmospheric level and enabling the air to go into the engine. This helps it to combine air with more fuel, this producing more power. A supercharger can spin at a rate of at least 50,000 RPM, which is faster than the engine itself when powered mechanically through a chain or belt from the crankshaft to force oxygen into the combustion chamber. Therefore, superchargers installation can make more space for adding more fuel to create a larger combustion in a vehicle.


Such a vehicle modification can enable a car to produce more than 50 percent of horsepower when installed correctly. Therefore, installing a supercharger with the engine of an everyday car will allow it immediately to make it more powerful and perform like a large vehicle. Car owners can get such engine modifications easily by attaching a supercharger to the side or top of the engine and follow other relevant instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Air Filters

A vehicle’s engine is enabled for a more efficient use of the oxygen and fuel combination via the aftermarket air filters. As air filters also block impurities and contaminants that gradually decrease the vehicle’s performance over time. These aftermarket air filters are usually manufactured with a thin cotton layer or other material placed between several layers of impurity catching thin mesh. However, it is important for car owners to understand that high-quality aftermarket air filters should be installed correctly. Most often the standard air filters that come with a vehicle are paper-based ones that are dropped into the engine’s air box. On the other hand, these secondary air filters are washable as they are made of inexpensive fabric that can work as reusable performer enhancer.

Air Filters

Cold Air Intake Kit

The air temperature can impact the vehicle’s efficiency even though it may seem like a small thing. Therefore, cool air can get into the internal combustion engine by installing a cold air intake kit, which is an aftermarket system. Usually, air temperature is regulated as it enters the engine by providing cold air when the engine is warm, and warm air when the engine is cold. However, by introducing a cold air intake kit can lead to better engine efficiency and higher performance. This auto modification is based on the idea that cool air is denser than warm air, which is why it contain more oxygen to enable a more dynamic combustion.

Cold air Filters

Performance Chips

Modern-day vehicles are usually equipped with advanced features and cutting technologies such as all-important fuel-to-air ratio and anti-lock brakes. However, superchips or performance chips can be installed by car enthusiasts to increase the vehicle’s horsepower and engine’s overall power. It can enable a vehicle to function as the driver prefers such as intaking more air for a bigger combustion or making car’s engine to use gas slightly more efficiently. Therefore, this simple and easy hack requires car owners to take out the factory chip and insert the new one to enhance the speed and performance.

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Weight Reduction

Basically, everyone knows that anything with lightweight can move faster than those which are heavier. For this car modification, heavier parts of a vehicle are switched with lighter auto parts so that a vehicle becomes more aerodynamic and lighter in weight. Such an installation is low-tech and work intensive that is done throughout the vehicle and not just the engine block. In addition to this, some dashboard parts can be removed, replacing glass windows with lighter plastic or acrylic versions or getting rid of extra seats if many passengers are not usually carted. The traditional brakes are also quite heavier normally, which is why disc brakes can offer significant weight difference as well.

Weight Reduction
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Final Giveaway

A vehicle’s performance can be improved significantly through car modification; however, car owners should research carefully before any new installation. It can also happen that some auto modification can have significant impact while others may not be suitable or supported. In addition, some car modifications can undergo changes that are not sanctioned by the car insurance policy, leading to the cancellation of vehicle’s car insurance.

Most of the vehicle modifications may require replacing the original car parts to make them more vulnerable to damage or car depreciation. Therefore, it is essential that car owners ensure that all car modifications are done properly and professionally to avoid any hazard or loss. Car enthusiasts can introduce engine modification for improving car’s performance and driving experience. Finding suitable car modifications are important that does not affect a vehicle or insurance policy. All the afore-mentioned engine modifications are useful for higher performance and maximum engine efficiency. Car owners should, however, opt for professional service when introducing any installation as it can be beneficial for the vehicle in the long run.