Car Modifications that can Improve Performance

A vehicle that comes with manufacturer-fitted components is designed to deliver a certain level of performance based on the engine’s capacity. It is the same for every other component of the vehicle. However, many car owners decide to introduce car modifications to improve their driving experience. Some modifications can prove beneficial for the car owners however, it must be kept in mind that modifying the vehicle can lead to invalidating the insurance.

Motorists who are interested in improving the performance of their vehicles can consider the following car modifications.


If the vehicle does not have high-quality tyres, it will impact the overall driving experience of the vehicle. Therefore, even though they are expensive, car owners should consider replacing them with good quality wheels. Getting better tyres is a good investment and will add ease to your daily commute and minimize the maintenance efforts as well.

Tyres Car Modifications

When choosing the right wheels pay attention to the weight, strength, and fitment. Fitment is important as it should not impact the suspension or the body panels. Therefore, it is best to find wheels with the right fitment. The weight of the wheel will determine the braking, cornering, and acceleration of the vehicle along with safety. To make wheels lighter, consider replacing stock rims with something lightweight to get more responsiveness, better body control, and improved handling.


Springs, anti-roll bars, and dampers need to fit the commuting requirements of the car owners. Therefore, it is best to research and get suitable suspension based on the vehicle and road type you will be driving. It is also a good idea to consult a mechanic for this purpose and have them install the adequate set for your vehicle for the best balance.

If the driver will be racing on track it is worth investing in body braces and strut however, for regular commute this expense can be avoided. Braces are installed to improve the torsional rigidity of the vehicle which can be useful on the track but pointless for regular use. Choose suspension modifications only if they are needed. Moreover, always have a mechanic install them instead of doing them yourselves to avoid any safety hazard.

Servicing and Maintenance

Servicing and Maintenance

Every vehicle works best when it is regularly maintained and service. What you can modify during maintenance are the engine fluids that are being used to improve the performance. It is always best to use premium quality hydraulic fluid, engine coolants, brake fluids, and engine oil. Using cheap quality can affect the performance and the components under the hood as well.

Lose the Weight

Lightweight vehicles run best so if there is any way you can get rid of the additional weight then do so. Start with removing unnecessary items within the cabin and trunk. The floor carpet and soundproofing of the vehicle also adds weight to the vehicle so consider avoiding them. Among other things, ventilated seats also add weight up to 30kg.

Exhaust and Intake of the Vehicle

The air intake needs to be clean, dry, cold, and free flowing. Cold and dry air is denser than hot and humid air. Therefore, it is good for the internal combustion engine to allow only cold and dry air into the air intake.  For the exhaust, it is recommended that the gases flow out of the car, they are hot and smooth.

Servicing and Maintenance

If you use a thermally insulated exhaust in the vehicle, it will be able to keep the gases hot and improve the flow. Hot gases flow faster than cold gas and more flow will mean less backpressure. This will allow less exertion of the engine while expelling exhaust gas. Other things that slow down exhaust gases are kinks and massive mufflers.

Gearbox and Clutch

To improve acceleration, control, fuel economy, cruising, and driving experience modifications to the gearbox can be useful. A multi-plate clutch can increase torque that is transmitted to the gearbox from the flywheel and eventually reaches the wheels. This will mean it will require less torque to spin the clutch. Additionally, the multi-plate clutch is lighter than the single-plate clutch, so it takes less effort to engage and disengage.

Other than this, a short-throw shifter minimizes the time consumed while changing gears. A limited-slip differential can ensure that wheels rotate at the same speed for better grip and control.

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Car modifications can be a great way to enhance the performance of the vehicle and improve the driving experience. Mostly, car enthusiasts who have adequate knowledge about cars opt for such modifications. It is important to understand the impact that car modifications will have on the vehicle before getting them installed. Car owners should also make sure that the modifications that they are installing are legal. Some modifications are not allowed by authorities so it can lead to legal problems for the car owner. The above-mentioned modifications can help improve the performance of the vehicle, but it is recommended that the car owner consults a mechanic before getting them. Some car modifications are vehicle-specific and may not work for everyone. So, getting the necessary information before spending money on them is better.