Car Modifications that Increase the Resale Value of the Vehicle

Car modifications are introduced into a car to enhance the performance or outlook of the vehicle. These modifications often require the removal of original parts of the vehicle and replace them with modifications. This can invalidate the insurance of the vehicle and cause problems when the car owner wants to sell the car. Therefore, the car owner must make sure that the car modifications that they opt for do not affect the car’s ability to sell or decrease its value. The following car modifications can increase the resale value of the vehicle making them suitable to be considered by the car owner. However, the car owner should always check with their insurance company to make sure that these modifications do not nullify their insurance.

Car Modification-Fitting High-Performance Cold Air Intake

Some engine modifications can enhance the performance of the vehicle and whereas others just enhance the aesthetics of the vehicle. An air intake system helps with the acceleration of the vehicle, thanks to the added horsepower and torque. With more air in the combustion engine, the fuel consumed is less and the overall performance of the vehicle is enhanced. So, fitting an air intake system can improve the value of the vehicle.

High-Performance Cold Air Intake

Updating to a Transparent GPS

Several modifications can be introduced inside the cabin of the vehicle. Some of these modifications can help enhance and make the cabin technologically advanced and give it more pleasing aesthetics as well. One such modification is the transparent GPS, a Russian invention, that is a glass that sticks to the windshield. The invention was made after struggling to navigate through dangerous, curvy, and dark roads. Considering the condition of the road, taking eyes off the road to check the navigation was dangerous, so they invented this app that projects the navigation on the glass from the phone allowing the driver to pay attention to the road.

Transparent GPS

Installing an Infotainment System

Every modern-day vehicle has a variety of technologies that assist and entertain the occupants during the journey. These advanced technologies help occupants stay connected even when they are on the go by integrating their phones with the vehicle. Some basic entertainment options come with every vehicle as default but for more advanced infotainment, car owners can get the optional add-on features such as voice recognition and a better sound system.

Infotainment System

Fitting a Rocket Bunny Kit

This car modification works for some vehicles but not for all so, car owners must consider if it will suit their vehicle before they get it. Adding a rocket bunny kit can make the frame look bulkier and give off the impression that the vehicle is fast speed. However, this will not be the case for every car so it is better to consult a professional before getting this modification.

Rocket Bunny Kit

Leather Upholstery Inside the Cabin

Another element that enhances the interior by giving it a comfortable and luxury appeal is having leather upholstery. Getting leather-fitting seats adds an aura of sophistication and refinement to the aesthetics of the cabin and gives the occupants comfort and leisure during the journey. The color and pattern of the leather offer a variety to the car owners so they can get one that fits their personality. Moreover, leather seats attract heat so they will keep the cabin cozy during low temperatures as well.

Leather Upholstery

Replacing Worn Out Tyres with New Tyres

Whenever a car owner sets out to sell their vehicle, they need to keep in mind that the car’s condition is up to par. This includes the car wheels that should not be worn out. Not only do worn-out tyres ruin the outlook of the vehicle, but they are also a safety hazard for the occupants. The wheels that are worn out will impact the performance and fuel economy of the vehicle. So, worn-out wheels will dissuade car buyers to purchase the vehicle. Therefore, car owners who get a fresh pair of wheels to replace the old ones will improve their chances of getting a better resale value for their vehicle. 

New Tyres


While replacing the car wheels increase the value, visually appealing rims will complement the new tyres as well. Car owners can consider improving the look of the vehicle by getting stylish-looking rims for the wheels of the vehicles especially if you are driving a sports car.


Dual Exhaust

Just like the rocket bunny kit, dual exhausts also do not work for every car so the car owner must know if this modification is for their car or not. Installing a spoiler to a Porsche will increase its value but will not do the same for a Prius. A dual exhaust system works best for sports cars by improving their performance. The system makes use of two exhaust pipes for removing the exhaust from the engine. The dual exhaust system usually has a muffler that reduces the noise created by the exhaust system.

Dual Exhaust

Interior Lights

Unlike the lights under the vehicle, installing lighting inside the cabin can help improve the value of the vehicle. The lights can facilitate the occupants at night by providing better visibility and offering a safer commute.

Interior Lights

Powercup Inverter

Another useful car modification inside the vehicle is a powercup inverter that will provide the occupants 120-volt AC household power from any cigarette lighter or auto power socket, one 1 or 2.1 amps of power USB power port, and two AC outlets. This inverter fits right into standard cup holders.


Adding car modifications to a vehicle is risky especially if the car owners do not know what they are doing. Some car modifications can prove to be fruitful for the resale value of the vehicle while others may dissuade the car buyers to purchase it. Therefore, if car owners want to sell their used cars, they must consider the impact of the car modifications before they get them installed.