Everything you Need to Know Before You Modify Your Car

There are various factors as to why motorists opt for modifying their cars. Some of the common reasons include improving the performance or enhancing the aesthetic appeal and look of the vehicle. However, many car enthusiasts fail to realize that there are unintended consequences of modifying a car. It is important, therefore, to know some relevant details about car modifications. Car enthusiasts would be able to make better decision when modifying their vehicle by knowing some essential practices.

Let us have a look at some important guidelines about car modification that car enthusiasts should know.

Warranty can be Affected

The car warranty can assure car owners that their vehicle’s manufacturer will repair and replace the parts if they meet their set conditions. These conditions are mentioned in the warranty document by the car manufacturers. For example, there are some conditions that automaker will not be liable of fixing any damage or repairs caused by car modifications. Most often a vehicle can be damaged when motorists replace a functional auto part with a less suitable one. In addition, such a damage can also be the result of modifying a car through unprofessional service.

Compromising the Safety of Your Car

One of the most popular add-ons preferred by car enthusiasts is tinted windows. Majority of people are not aware that for tinted windows the recommended level of light transmission should not be less than 25 percent. Otherwise, less than 25 percent light transmission can hinder driver’s ability to clearly see other vehicles on the road. This can largely compromise the safety of the motorist and the occupants in the car. In addition, any sort of electrical modifications that lead to unprotected or hanging wires must be avoided as it can result in safety hazard.

Affecting Car Performance

Car enthusiasts are always interested in car modifications that can improve their vehicle’s performance. Some changes can rather degrade the car’s performance in place of improving it. For instance, there are low vehicles that have better handling and traction capabilities, as well as lower chances of flipping. However, if the chassis or engine is excessively lowered than it can damage a low car. This is why, some limitations or precautionary guidelines should be followed when pursuing car modifications.

Affecting Car Performance

Car Modification Can be Costly

Some car enthusiasts are interested in modifying cars as often as they can. However, some car owners may not afford several modifications and soon they may realize that particular installations can cost too much. Upgrading a vehicle’s wheel and tires, intake system or exhaust system can be too costly for car enthusiasts. It is always recommended to plan your budget and finance before pursuing any sort of modification in your car.

It can be Long Process

Some of the most preferred car modifications are installation of sports seats, adding turbocharges and upgrading the suspensions. Car paints and window tinting are also favored by car owners. However, it is suggested to never rush into car modifications as motorists will likely do things that would regret later. It is ideal to take sufficient time before taking any decision before modifying a car as it can be a long and continuous process. Car enthusiasts must research and compare all the options to make an informed decision.

Opt for Professional Help for Car Modifications

Professional service and experience can matter a lot when it comes to car modifications. As experienced mechanics can guide car owners to choose and apply car modifications that are most suitable for their vehicle. Experienced mechanics are aware of the pros and cons of certain modifications, as what is aesthetically pleasing and legally permitted. In addition, professionals can also suggest installations or changes that will not compromise occupants’ safety or vehicle’s warranty.

Professional Help for Car Modifications

Car Modifications to Avoid

Modifying a vehicle within the legal limits and following essential guidelines can enhance vehicles look and capabilities. However, there are some car modifications that can prove less suitable, or even illegal which is why it is best to avoid them.

Having neon lights in the interior or the bottom of a vehicle can be illegal when they are exposed as it can lead to distracting other motorists on the road. It can be safe and permitted if neon lights are giving a simple glow and they are hidden not exposed. It is best for car enthusiasts to check the traffic laws before going for any such modification.

Car Modifications to Avoid

On the other hand, tinted windows can be installed in vehicles at the rear or sides, but they should not be too dark. Police can check to detect whether tinted windows are within the allowed limits, or it is crossing the set limit. Driving with too dark tinted windows can results in safety hazards for motorists. The recommended levels can be at least 75 percent of light to pass through the front windscreen and at least 70 percent on the side window. Any tinted windows above these limits can be illegal as they may impede the driver’s vision on the road.

Some car modifications in the engine, chassis or base of a vehicle without prior authorization by the local traffic authorities should be avoided. As such car modifications can lead to fines and drivers can receive black points on their driving license. Additionally, a vehicle can also be confiscated by the police. It is suggested that car enthusiasts should seek prior approval from the local traffic authorities before modifying their car.


Car modifications can improve the performance and enhance the aesthetics of a car; however, motorists need to be aware of some relevant guidelines. By knowing important details when modifying a vehicle can allow car owners to avoid unintended consequences. All the afore-mentioned information about car modifications can guide motorists how to enhance the performance, or the look of their vehicle within the set limits. Car enthusiasts must consider the discussed practices prior to modifying their car to avoid safety hazards or breaking any traffic law.