How Can I Modify My Car for Better Performance?

Car modification can be useful for improving the performance of a vehicle. Such modifications are usually introduced within the mechanics of the vehicle. Most car enthusiasts are keen on making the most of their cars, so they often opt for such car modifications.  Although car modifications can positively impact the performance and overall car driving experience, they can be detrimental for the car owner.

Introducing car modifications can cancel the car insurance as the vehicle will be undergoing changes that are not sanctioned by the car insurance policy. Many modifications also require the replacement of original car parts making them vulnerable to depreciation and damage. Car owners also need to make sure that all the modifications are installed properly to avoid any safety hazards. If car enthusiasts can manage to find a suitable insurance policy or find modifications that will not impact the insurance, then car modification that can improve performance can be beneficial for car owners.

Let us have a look at some of the useful car modifications that can improve the performance of a vehicle.

Forced Induction

If you want to improve the speed and acceleration of the vehicle then you can consider adding forced induction. A force induction implies turbochargers or superchargers that compress the air of the engine that it uses for igniting the fuel and forces it into the combustion engine chamber at a great rate than the atmospheric pressure.

If a turbocharger is used, it spools up the turbine that is powered by the exhaust flow of the vehicle. This spinning turbine takes in the air and pushes it towards the engine. This creates more power as the engine injects more fuel to maintain the air-fuel ratio in harmony. An increase in pressure will give more boost to the engine creating more horsepower. Turbos are known to be full of lag but there are electric and mechanical workarounds to eliminate the lag.

Forced Induction

For running an engine naturally, you can consider superchargers as they constantly spin in direct correlation with the RPM of the engine. The throttle response with superchargers is instant and the boost is instantly built. However, with superchargers, the engine will use more fuel but deliver extra power.

To make force induction more effective, you can consider installing an intercooler to the induction system. The intercooler will cool the air when it is heated during the compression stage from the supercharger or turbo. Cool air will improve the performance more than hot air giving the engine more room to produce more power.

Upgrading Exhaust System

Another way to increase the power of the engine is to upgrade the exhaust system. The standard exhaust system has a large bottleneck with multiple mufflers, twisted pipes, and catalytic converters, all of which restrict the airflow from exiting the car that leads to backpressure. Performance exhausts aim to let the engine breathe easier with improved airflow. With fewer restrictions, fresh air can enter and exit from exhaust easily limiting backpressure. This will improve the power and speed that the vehicle can experience.

Upgrading Exhaust System

The improved exhaust also improves the noise that the engine makes. The sound can also be controlled by tuning the exhaust system.

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ECU Remapping

To extract some extra power from the engine you can also consider ECU remapping which is a rather common car modification. This modification is popular in the European modification community. With an ECU the software is rewritten to behave differently than it was intended by the manufacturer. A remap can enhance the capabilities of the engine that are restricted by the manufacturer to maintain fuel quality and remain durable. This is also a cheap modification that can be done by an independent specialist.


The default suspension setting of wheels is done to make them fit for all kinds of terrains. However, if the vehicle is used for racing, then a soft suspension will compromise handling. For this purpose, the suspension needs to be modified to make it more suitable for the racetrack. For sports drive, the suspension makes use of stiffer shock absorbers and springs that make it more capable of managing sudden changes in weight transfer while cornering.

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Cold Air Intake

Cold air intake follows the same principle of intercoolers that means that cooler and denser air improves the way the engine works. It allows more aggressive tuning which can cause the engine to produce more heat. Intakes minimize the air resistance and keep the air cool for longer. Intakes work well on their own, but when paired with other upgrades the impact is magnified.

Improved Tyres

The wheels of a vehicle are important for agility, cornering, acceleration, and overall performance of the vehicle. Therefore, special attention should be given to wheels. Wheels determine the grip and drivability on rough terrains. If the vehicle has wheels with a softer compound, the braking distance can be reduced, and the wheel’s stability can be increased while cornering.

Improved Tyres


Car modifications have proven to improve car performance, but it is important that car owners research them before getting them installed. Some modifications may not be supported by their car or may not have any significant impact as opposed to some other vehicle. Car modifications that are mentioned above are useful for improving the performance of a vehicle. However, car owners must consult a mechanic before getting them installed to avoid any loss and safety hazards.