Useful Car Modifications for People with Disabilities

Car modifications are installed by car owners to improve the performance capabilities or car driving experience. Some modifications are introduced into the mechanics such as the engine to elevate the power produced. However, others make alterations in the outlook of the vehicle ranging from custom paint to additional spoiler or exhausts.

While some modifications are added as a choice, others can allow access to those who may not be able to drive or ride otherwise. With the advancement in technology, driving a car has become more convenient and inclusive for communities. There are several modifications that can enable disable drivers while driving the vehicles. Such modifications need to be installed by an expert to ensure that they are put in place properly and there is no safety hazard.

Given below are some useful car modifications for people with disabilities.

How to Modify Car for the Handicap Community

There are several add-ons for the vehicle that can make the vehicle more accessible to occupants or drivers who are disabled. Such modification can add comfort and protection for the disabled avoiding any accidents or inconvenience.

Modifications that Can Add Comfort

Car owners can consider installing handles on the door sill to add ease to entering and exiting the vehicle. A retractable slope can also be attached to easily load a passenger on a wheelchair. The seats of the vehicle can be modified with a bench along with power adjustments that can add comfort to the journey. Seats can also be customized to ensure optimal positioning, stability, and balance. You can also consider installing transfer seat lifts that help to enter and exit the car with ease. For easy operation, the doors of the car can be made to open and close automatically with a push of a button. To accommodate mobility devices, the floor of the vehicle can be lowered, and the roof can be raised.

Some modifications that make a massive difference include modifications for lowering and lifting the vehicle for wheelchairs, adjusting and extending seat belts, easy access to the steering wheel, brakes, and gears. Some other adaptive equipment includes amputee rings, pedal extensions, assist bar, Swivel cushion, and hand controls.

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Driving Modifications

To add ease to driving, purchase a car with an automatic transmission, push-button start, power steering, and power seats. A modified car for the disabled has ignition controls that are designed to facilitate the driver and they are isolated to avoid accidental use. Moreover, the vehicle should also have adaptive technologies that can make life easier. Such technologies can include cruise control and specially designed pedals that are accessible to the driver. The controls in the vehicle should be easily accessible so it is better that they have touchscreen controlsk.

Extension of Car Pedals

For those who cannot use foot controls, there can be special levers and handles that can be used to brake instead. Similarly, there are several types of modification for steering such as knobs, cuffs, palm grips, tri-pins, V-grips, amputee rings, quad forks, and floor-mounted steering. A column extension can also be added to move the steering wheel closer to the driver.

It is essential that car owners understand the use and purpose of every modification that they install. They should learn about modifications before getting them installed to avoid any unnecessary expense.

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Ensure the Vehicle Can Be Modified

Not every car can be modified, therefore it is important to check if the vehicle that you own can be modified or not. Conducting research about or consulting a mechanic can give car owners an idea about this. Some vehicles that are suitable for the disabled include Dodge Caravan, Chrysler Town & Country, Honda Odyssey Wheelchair Van, Honda Pilot Wheelchair SUV, Peugeot Partner (Premier and Horizon version), Ford Connect, Dodge Journey, Toyota Sienna Handicap Vans and Wheelchair Vans, and 2011 Scion xB. Other than this, vehicles that allow wheelchair accessibility include Chevrolet Equinox, Mazda 5, and Fiat Doblo. Some vehicle manufacturers also offer reimbursements for installing adaptive equipment for the disabled.

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Final Takeaway

By installing such modifications, we can make driving accessible and inclusive to the handicapped community enhancing their mobility. However, car owners should keep in mind that some car modifications are declared illegal by authorities so they must check before installing them. Moreover, some car modifications will also void the insurance of the vehicle or require removing original parts of the vehicle. Such drastic changes must be made after conferring with an expert to avoid any loss and inconvenience.

One way to avoid problems is to find a policy that will be flexible towards such modifications. Many car insurance companies offer special policies for disabled drivers. Moreover, there are some manufacturers that offer adaptive equipment for differently abled persons so the car may not require any modifications.