5 Worst Car Modifications That Can Damage the Performance of Your Vehicle

The car modification is one of the most important things as everything needs a change after some time and so as your vehicles. The auto modification includes the modification of interior, exterior, engine and even the modification of tiny parts of your vehicle. No doubt, vehicle modifications make your vehicle look impressive and engine modification plays a vital role to boost the performance of your vehicle.

Many people around the globe are unaware about the car modification, but they like to modify their vehicles. The zero information about car modifications ruin their vehicles and make them look worst. The wrong modification sometimes also damage the performance of the vehicle. Here is the review of few vehicle modifications that can easily ruin your vehicle and makes the look of your vehicle worst. The 5 car modifications that can ruin your vehicle include stretched tyres, negative camber, stiff springs, and drilled rotors and slammed stance Hellaflush nation.

Car Modification – Stretched Tyres

In the vehicle modifications, one of the modification is of tyres, but most people ruin their vehicles by wrongly modifying their vehicles with tyres. There are two concepts related to the stretched tyres modification as few people think that the stretched tyres can enhance the performance of your vehicle.

Car Modification - Stretched Tyres

On the other hand, few people think that the modification of tyres by a stretched tyres can badly damage your vehicle and it may cause a serious accident. Even many people saw and experience the worst accidents due to the stretched tyres.

You can modify your vehicle through stretched tyres in two ways that include narrow tyres and stock size tyres. When you will fit the narrow tyres in your vehicle it will result in the contact patch than stock and it will leave a negative impact on the handling of the vehicle.

On the other hand, the modification of tyre through a stock size tyres or you can name them bigger tyres will also damage your vehicle. It may give you a similar contact patch, but on the other side, it will also increase the weight of your vehicle tyres. This will also result in your vehicles run on sidewalls under the hard cornering and in the end, we can only say that it is not a purpose of sidewalls.

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Negative Camber

Negative camber is also a part of vehicle modifications, in this modification both the tyres lean on the axle towards the center of the vehicle. Due to this, each tyre will develop an off-setting and an equal chamber thrust force when then the vehicle is driven straight ahead.

Negative Camber

In negative camber, when you the see the vehicle from the front the wheels means that the track width at the front wheels is lesser on the top and at the bottom, it becomes greater. The negative camber improves the contact of wheels towards the road when the vehicle is taking a turn. But an excessiveness of everything always damages your vehicle so as the excessiveness of negative camber.

The excessiveness of negative camber will not only damage your vehicle but also cause an accident as the weight of the vehicle is not divided equally. It will also goose the wheel bearings of your vehicles and you cannot put a heavy luggage in your vehicle.

This worst modification will also not allow you to drive too fast, so you have to drive very slowly. The negative camber can also more load to the inner portion of the tyre and it can also increase the inner wear of the tyres.

Stiff Springs

Stiff springs is an auto modification that is good, but it can also ruin the modification of your vehicle. There are two types of stiff springs that include softer springs and lower rates. In soft springs, it will allow the vehicle a more mechanical grip and on the other hand, the lower rates allow you to have more travel and it will also press the tyre downwards and the more travel will become necessary.

Stiff Springs

The stiff springs are not necessary for every vehicle, but in some cases, it is important to have stiff springs. Stiff springs help the tyres to be on the ground and it also gives a strong grip. On the other hand, if the stiff springs did not fit in your vehicle, then it will definitely cause an accident as the wheels get turned outwards.

Drilled Rotors

The drilled rotors is one of the car modifications, but this modification can also become the worst modification that can ruin your vehicle. Drilled rotors have holes in them and when the rotors grab by the brake pads then it creates friction that results in heat.

Drilled Rotors

The sharp edges of holes in the drilled rotors rise the stress in the rotor and it works through a wide temperature range. But on the other hand, from extremely hot to ambient the rotors may crack down. The holes in it allow the brake compound gases, water and debris to escape and it also allows the brake pad to maintain a contact with the rotor.

The drilling of the discs the amount of area that is available can reject the heat into is reduced and this modification can ruin your vehicle and make it look worst.

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Slammed Stance Hellaflush Nation

Slammed stance hellaflush nation is one of the vehicle modification that can ruin your vehicle and it can also make the look of your vehicle worst. As much other worst modification and like the stretched tires this will also damage your vehicle. As with clearance within millimeters at the ground, it means that without any travel the suspension can be an essential rigid system.

Slammed Stance Hellaflush Nation

In slammed stance hellaflush nation the less the stiffer and the suspension is, it will be less capable of absorbing the bumps. The vehicles that are too much lowered can result in the either they will bounce over every bump or those vehicles will bottom out frequently.

This will also result in the minimized mechanical grip and poor ride quality. In many countries, the modification of vehicle by slammed stance hellaflush nation is banned. If you want your vehicle to modify a slammed appearance than you should ensure that this modification fits in the vehicle and it looks better in the vehicle.


No doubt, car modification is an important thing for every vehicle, but sometimes it will also ruin your vehicle by doing it wrong. These are the five most important vehicle modifications that can ruin your vehicle and not only make it look worst but also it can become a reason of an accident. This modification can also easily damage the performance of your vehicle and will also damage the grip of your vehicle on road. Always keep in mind the basics of auto modification and only modify your vehicle if it looks good in your vehicle.