8 Custom Car Modifications to Enhance the Performance of Your Old Car

Custom car modifications help to keep your old car perform well and enhance its lifespan. There are so many reasons a car owner wants to remain stick with their vehicle, due to the comfort, emotional attachment and convenience. Although, after some time every vehicle’s performance start reducing. Hence a time comes when the car owner wants better handling, more power and a smoother ride from his car. This does not necessarily mean that now you have to sell your car and struggle to buy a new one.

Performance modifications are made to enhance the driving dynamics of your vehicle. Whether it is the acceleration of your car or ride quality, take some time and check your vehicle overall. Better performance also means better fuel average and some minor performance updates have a great impact on fuel-consumption, ride quality and stopping power as well.  Try to get performance modifications one at a time, as this will give a better insight of the vehicle’s performance. Also, it will help to know precisely which areas were needed upgrades, and it will also save extra expenditures on unnecessary modifications.

There are many tricks to save the cash and do some custom car modifications which can refresh your old vehicle by upgrading its performance and that too in your budget. Some of them are so easy that you can install them with the help of some standard tool. However, taking a professional’s help for custom car modifications is highly advised. Here we have gathered some essential tips to modify your car’s performance and make it give a powerful performance every time you drive it.

Custom Car Modifications

Changing the Car Tyres

This is true that car tyres have a great impact on the performance of your vehicle. From fuel-efficiency to better handling, car tyres are the first thing which needs to be taken care of, as the car performance depends on them a lot. Good grip on the road is only possible through the good quality rubber. Use a fresh pair of tyres for your car when the tyres are worn out and at the risk of a blowout. It is not essential to buy expensive tyres as custom car modifications, but the car owner is required to use good quality tyres. Do some research and buy good quality tyres at a cheap rate.

Changing the Car Tyre for Custom Car Modifications

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New Spark Plugs for Custom Car Modifications

Sometimes it is not taken as a modification but part of car maintenance but this small investment is very essential to enhance the performance of your car. As the conducive elements erode away and force ignition coils to produce a hot spark, the spark plugs wear out. Also, the good quality wires ensure safety, show electrical resistance and insulation. The cost of replacing old spark plugs and wires is low but helps in providing optimum performance.

New Spark Plugs

Engine Control Unit (ECU) Flash

The function of Engine Control Unit (ECU) Flash is to control the fuel-air mixture in the engine and maximize the efficiency of your vehicle. It is a factory set up and to upgrade this system one has to go through the manufacturer’s program to upgrade this system. Manufacturers deliberately program the ECU parameters below the capability of your car to ensure more safety of the passengers. While a reprogramming can unlock all the engine performance and can provide with better fuel mileage. Consulting a car expert for such custom car modifications is necessary before reprogramming.

Engine Control Unit (ECU) Flash

Cold-Air Intake

Breathing of your car lets it exert good performance if your car is unable to breathe properly, definitely, there will be performance related issues. Custom car modifications requires the car owners to provide the engine with cool and condense air so that it can perform better. The better breathing engine makes the car run well. Thus having a cold-air intake helps to provide cool and condensed air to the engine, which engine loves as well and performs better in its presence.

Cold-Air Intake

Exhausts of Your Car

Among other custom car modifications, the exhaust system of a vehicle is very important. It is the respiratory system of the car, which takes out all bad air out from the vehicle and relieves pressure on the engine. Also, better exhaust system gives a boost to horsepower as well.

Exhausts of Your Car

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Replace the Car Bushings

Custom car modifications for bushing might seem unimportant but they have a very good impact on the performance of your car. Rubber bushings are placed between the suspension and frame, and chassis and engine. They work to kill the vibrations produced in your car as it moves around. Rubber bushings have a tendency to crack and wear out over time and leaves the car to have more vibrations when it is running. Polyurethane bushings are a high-quality material which lasts longer and work in a better way. These Polyurethane bushings kill the vibration and minimize the weight transfer of the vehicle to give a smoother ride every time.

Installing a Sway Bar as Custom Car Modifications

Car handling is killed if your vehicle leans too much through turns, it is due to unequal weight transfer affects the handling. Sway bars keep a check and connect the right side wheel with the left side wheel. This helps the car to corner flat and brings the wasted kinetic energy is focused back to make the car turn efficiently.

Sway Bar as Custom Car Modifications

Computer Tune

Nowadays, our cars’ performance and emission are controlled by computers which were not the case in past. New model cars can be tuned to unlock certain aspects of engine and provide more horsepower to the vehicle by custom car modifications. After modifying your car and replacing the necessary parts, take a visit to a specialist and check it is eligible for a tune to enhance the power band. Not every car is designed to have this modification but there are many aftermarket settings that can be written to the computer. Mainly, there are two main types or car tuning, the self-service and a custom-built Dyno tune that can be done by a performance auto shop.

Computer Tune as Custom Car Modifications


Performance upgrades by custom car modifications help to make your vehicle give optimum performance, enhance its life and save spending more cash. From better fuel efficiency to fast and smooth rides, performance modifications bring more power to your vehicle without breaking your bank. If you do not wish to change your vehicle for better performance, try replacing the above-mentioned parts to get better output from your vehicle.