Car Modification – Best Modifications Suitable for Adventure Trips

Car modification can be an important aspect of owning a vehicle for people who like to modify their vehicles. The vehicle modification may include the modification of exterior, interior, engine and the modification of cargo space as well. If properly implemented, modifications can make a vehicle look amazing and the engine modifications can potentially enhance the speed and performance of the car. However, lack of expertise, poorly implemented modification ideas or modifying a vehicle without taking the help of a car detailing expert can spoil the fun for you when you are modifying a car.

People who like their adventure vehicles to be modified need to use modification techniques that are specifically designed for adventure vehicles. This is the only way you can do car modification in a right way. Bringing modifications to an adventure vehicle can allow you to increase space for more luggage or possibly boost the performance of the vehicle by tweaking the powertrain.

Let’s review the car modifications that can be used for an adventure vehicle to increase its utility on adventure trips.

Car Modification – Tweaking Tyres & Wheels

Off-road tyres and wheels are important part of an auto modification, especially when you are looking to modify a vehicle for adventure journeys. If you are planning to modify your vehicle for off-road adventure trips then you must replace the existing tyres of your vehicle with the all-terrain tyres as these tyres can do a splendid job on any terrain.

All-terrain tyres of any good company will provide a strong grip to the vehicle on any surface that may include a muddy road, a road with snow or sand and tarmac roads.

Car Modification – Tweaking Tyres & Wheels

You can also ask a car expert about increasing the radius of your tyres as it can be a great idea to enjoy a greater sidewall depth, which allows you more freedom and safety while driving on rough terrains.

If you attach a larger tyre to your vehicle then it will be useful in snow, sand and mud. A larger wheelbase will also provide a greater protection to the vehicle on uneven surfaces especially on rocky terrains. It will also slightly improve the ground clearance along with an increase in the cruising speed.

If you are modifying your vehicle then you should ideally pick a steel wheel instead of an alloy wheel. Although the alloy wheels look smarter and they also weigh less, the repairing of the alloy wheels is more difficult as compared to the steel wheels.

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Spare Wheel

In vehicle modifications, the other important thing to have is a spare wheel with you on every off-road trip. Most of the vehicles are always fitted with the spare wheel and other equipment and that is good enough. But if your vehicle doesn’t have a standard spare wheel then make it a part of your vehicle as it will help you a lot in off-road trips, especially on muddy, snowy and uneven surfaces.

Spare Wheel

Extended Fuel Tanks

In car modification for off-road adventurer trips, the thing that you will need the most will be fuel as mostly in off-road trips you will possibly not be able to find a nearby fuel station. So, whenever you are planning to pack your bags for an adventurer’s trip then make sure to extend the fuel tank of your vehicle.

You simply have to put the few jerry cans filled with the fuel in your vehicle. The jerry cans will not weigh too much, but will provide you with added comfort and convenience on an adventure trip.

Extended Fuel Tanks

Suspension Upgrades

Suspension upgrades is an auto modification and it is very helpful for off-road trips, always try to equip your vehicle with reliable shock absorbers and heavy duty springs as it is an ideal thing. Try to buy the springs from a well-known manufacturer because quality should always matter. It will also save you from many problems, especially on off-road adventurer trips.

Storage Capacity

In vehicle modifications, the storage capacity is one of the most important things, especially on off-road trips. Although there are various ways to enhance the storage space in your vehicle, but the ideal and more acceptable ways include a set of removable storage boxes or the fixed storage boxes. The best way to increase the storage space in your vehicle is by taking with you the removable storage boxes as it will help you out to put your extra luggage. You can always remove these storage boxes later when you don’t need them.

Storage Capacity

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Installing a Roof Rail

Roof rails are no doubt an important thing, especially if you are going on off-road trips as it will help you a lot to carry extra luggage with you and you can easily fit that on roof rails. You should, however, be aware of the fact that adding roof rails to your vehicle can increase its weight considerably, which is not ideal in all situations.

Normally, the roof rails can carry 60kgs of weight, you can put a tent, jerry cans and storage boxes in your roof rails. Don’t overload the roof rail as it can then effect the handling and stability of the vehicle particularly when driving on rough terrains.

Installing a Roof Rail

Modifying a Car to Improve its Security

Safety of your vehicle means more when you are on an adventure destination of which you hardly know the whereabouts. You cannot just leave your vehicle anywhere without adopting proper preventive measures to save your car from being stolen. It can create panic and be seriously problematic if you find yourself in an unknown territory with your vehicle being stolen.

If you are going for an off-road adventure trip then the most important thing you should consider is the security of your vehicle. The simple thing you can do is to fit a kill switch in your vehicle as it will make difficult to start the car. You can also fit your vehicle with a security alarm if it doesn’t already have one. All these practices can ensure that you keep your vehicle completely secure and free from all such risks of losing the vehicle.

Other than the security of the vehicle itself, the safety of its passengers matters a lot as well. For this purpose, if you already own a vehicle that has advanced safety systems, you can enjoy a safe and stress-free ride. Among other means of auto modification, modifying a vehicle to improve its safety is an important facet. However, if your vehicle doesn’t have standard safety features and there is an option of installing these features in the vehicles, then it can be a great idea to go for some essential safety features and install them in your vehicle. It will improve the driving experience in rough conditions and also provide reasonable protection in event of a dangerous road situation.


Car modification for adventure cars is entirely different to modification protocols followed while modifying a vehicle from any other segment. It is important to follow all the above-mentioned methods to modify a vehicle for adventure purposes or it can be ideal if you can take the help of an expert so that car modifications don’t go wrong. From improving the safety standards to taking the performance of your adventure vehicle to another level, you can modify an adventure vehicle as per your requirements and preferences.