Car Modification – Essential Steps to Follow while Wrapping Your Car with Vinyl

There a number of car modification methods that one can follow to modify the car. The car modifications are done to change the look of exterior and interior and different car experts are telling car owners to modify their cars to give them a better look and to protect their different parts. Similarly, engine modification and tyre modification are also considered important to improve the performance of cars.

Wrapping your car with vinyl is an important part of auto modification and this is done by individuals and various companies for advertisement purpose. If you are planning to open a food restaurant and want to do the advertisement then wrap your van with vinyl as it grasp the attention of people. However, vinyl-warp is not an easy process and requires great attention and hard-work from you.

Here are few essential steps to follow while wrapping your car with vinyl.

Car Modification – How You Can Vinyl Wrap Your Car

To wrap your car with vinyl is one of the many car modifications tips that people follow to change the looks of their cars. It is not only done for advertisement purposes but people like to vinyl wrap their cars to protect the car paint. Similarly, a number of car racing events showcase different vehicles with their exteriors wrap with vinyl to show their numbers, etc.

It is always important that when you do vehicle modification, try to select a quality vinyl and follow these essential step to wrap it on your vehicle.

Choose the Vinyl

Today, the market is filled with different kinds of vinyl that people like to buy while modifying their cars for different purposes. Usually, the vinyl is sold in 60-inch wide rolls measuring 25-ft long and its cost variate according to the quality, images, market slogans, etc. Mostly, a good-quality vinyl cost you around $2,500 or less but you can pay more amount to buy a fancy vinyl sheet.

After selecting the best vinyl for your car modification, the second most important part is to consider the labour cost. Usually, it takes the labour 6 to 8 hours to wrap a typical car. Now it depends upon the size of your vehicle, for example, if you want to vinyl wrap a Chrysler PT Cruiser then it takes more time and also cost a high amount.

Choose Vinyl Wrap

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Clean the Car’s Paint

Once you have selected the vinyl from the market and estimated its wrap cost, the next step is to give a clean look to your car. Protecting the paint of your car is considered an important auto modification step by leading car experts who always recommend that one should protect the paint of the car regardless of its year. You can easily clean the paint of car and for this give a good wash to your car and fix the scratches, rust, and dungs over it.

After washing the car, you can use a good quality polish to give a smooth look to your car’s exterior.

Clean Paint for Vinyl Wrap

Get Rid of Mirror and Molding

While wrapping the car with vinyl, one always want to cut the time it requires for the whole process. For this, it is important that you should remove mirrors and molding to cut down the labour time. Wrapping the car mirrors with vinyl takes around 30 minutes and removing them just take 5 minutes. So, why going for a time consuming practice.

Remove Mirror for Vinyl Wrap

Always Plan the Process

One can find different car wrappers on the market that tell they will wrap your car with vinyl in just a few hours. However, it is important that you should go to professional car wrappers as they have experience and wrap your car in a short period of time. Planning is important in car modification as it manages your time as well as save your money.

Plan Process for Vinyl Wrap

Stick It On

After understanding the dimensions of your car with help of a professional car wrapper, it is the time that you should start wrapping your car with vinyl either from the center or from one half. During this process of vehicle modification, it is important that you should stretch the vinyl to fit over curves and must be careful to avoid kinks or ridges while applying it. Always try to clearly stretch the vinyl over your car so it covers the car smoothly and comprehensively.

Stick on the Vinyl Wrap

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Stretch It Out

Once you have wrapped your car with vinyl, the next step is to stretch it out so it clearly covers different parts of the car. You can either use a heat gun or torch to stretch a vinyl but in the process, you should avoid the vinyl to get fire. So, it is always important to take the advice of a wrap expert before stretching the vinyl.

Stretch out the Vinyl Wrap

Cut off the Edges

After stretching out the vinyl, the next step of this car modification step is to cut off the edges and for this, you can either use a knife or blade. It is an important step that requires your attention because if you cut the edges wrong then it will give a bad look to your car. Moreover, while cutting the edges, it is important to note that no harm should be met by car’s paint. So, you should take the advice of a wrap expert to cut the edges of vinyl.

Cut off the Excess Vinyl Wrap

Deal with Seams

Dealing with the seams is an important part of wrapping your car with vinyl as it helps in your car getting a better look. Every car has different dimensions than other, for example, some cars have wider hoods than 60-inches, etc. Similarly, if you are wrapping a truck or minivan, you have to apply different techniques to wrap it with vinyl to avoid overlap and cutting of extra sheet.

Some installers use knifeless tape on the body of the car while applying the vinyl sheet. The thread of this knifeless tape is sharp enough to cut the extra vinyl sheet in a precise way. This gives a better look to your car and is an important part of this car modification technique. Moreover, some installers prefer to use pin striping to hide the seams.

Even Out the Seam of Vinyl Wrap

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Removal of the Vinyl Wrap

There always come a time when you need to remove the vinyl sheet from your car as most of these sheets do not last longer than 10 years. Moreover, you might have to replace the existing vinyl sheet with the new one to promote another business. So, always prepare yourself to know the technique of how to remove a vinyl sheet from your car.

The removal of the vinyl sheet from a car is not a difficult process as the usage of advanced technologies has made it easier for experts to remove the vinyl with ease. It is recommended by auto modification experts that the usage of citrus-based chemicals help in an easy removal of vinyl. Similarly, they are also recommending that when you heat up the vinyl wrap, it is easy to remove and lave a very little adhesive behind.

Removal of Vinyl Wrap


You can easily wrap your car with vinyl by following the above steps which are easy to follow and cost you a little amount other than the cost of a vinyl sheet. People wrap their cars with vinyl to promote the ads of their businesses or to protect the car’s paint from harmful sunrays. The vinyl wrap is an important part of car modification process and it helps you in different ways if applied in the right way.

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