Car Modifications that Can Increase Speed

Car modifications are alterations that car owners make to their vehicle after they have purchased it. The changes made are for improving the look of the vehicle or its performance. There is a common perception that making car modifications can make the car lose its structural integrity and make it more vulnerable to wear and tear. While some car modifications do require the car to have its original parts removed, it does not imply that the vehicle has become weak.

Some car modifications can improve the driving experience for car owners. Some car owners prefer driving their car at higher speeds especially when racing on racetracks or driving on highways. Given below are some useful car modifications that can increase the speed of the car.

Upgrading the Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are an essential component of the car’s engine as they provide the spark for igniting the air-fuel mixture to run the engine. An electric current flows through the center electrode and forms a spark across an electrode or air gap that completes the circuit to a ground electrode. This process is enabled by a spark plug in the engine. Although spark plugs play a vital role in the engine, many do not pay attention to them. It is better to upgrade or replace spark plugs to increase the speed of the vehicle. You can check the owner manual to determine how frequently should the spark plug should be replaced and checked. Spark plugs that are made of iridium are best as they can increase spark that combusts the fuel faster.

Replacing Mechanical Parts

Speed of the vehicle depends on the mechanics of a vehicle and if any of the parts is damaged, it should be replaced. Consider replacing and upgrading any mechanical part that can be made electrical. This will help improve the horsepower of the vehicle. Mechanical parts can slow down the vehicle, unlike electric parts. You can consider upgrading fans and fuel pumps in older vehicles with electric parts to prevent them from exhausting the horsepower and declining the speed and acceleration.

Modifying Air Intakes

The engine requires air and fuel to operate so upgrading the air intake can also improve the speed of the vehicle. The air intake looks like a long pipe next to the part that resembles an accordion (an air filter). An air intake allows more air into the engine allowing it to produce more power. Upgrading air intakes is affordable and they also help with gas mileage as well.

To enhance performance, it is best to remove restrictions from the throttle body, intake manifold, and intake piping. Adding a premium quality filter can increase stock airbox flow rates and boost fuel economy. It is also recommended to keep the pipes clean to maintain a smooth flow of air. Clean and polish the throttle body and pipe connection ports. Matching ports in the intake manifold can help improve air intake. Another thing that can improve the air intake is removing the tumble generator valves but consulting a mechanic for this is recommended.

Modifying the Carburetor

If your vehicle has a carburetor, then consider upgrading it as well. This is a device that mixes gasoline and air inside the engine and turns them into vapors that are burned in the engine. New models of vehicles have replaced the carburetor with fuel injection. For older vehicles with a carburetor, it can be a good idea to upgrade the barrels. If the car has two barrels, then upgrade to four. In addition, you will need to install a new intake manifold but that will also contribute to additional speed.

Modifying the Exhaust

The exhaust of the vehicle can make a massive difference in the speed of the vehicle as it reduces the restrictions on the engine. With an easy flow of the exhaust, car owners can expect a better performance. Consider installing a dual exhaust in place of a catalytic converter but be careful when installing it. Make sure that you install the actual dual exhaust that starts all the way back instead of simply splitting the output between the tailpipes. This will facilitate the flow of exhaust through the engine. However, car owners need to be careful when upgrading the exhaust as some localities have laws against a noisy exhaust.

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Final Takeaway

Driving at high speed can be thrilling especially if the terrain is suitable for it. High speed can be dangerous on congested roads or difficult terrain so, it is ideal to drive with caution. The above-mentioned car modifications can help car owners driving at a better speed. It is also recommended that modifications are made by a professional to ensure that they are installed correctly and avoid any safety hazards.