Chrome Cars – The New Trend of Car Modification in Dubai

The ever-changing trends of car modification in Dubai have gone to a new level now. The desire of making your vehicle look exclusive and luxurious, along with creating a charismatic look has introduced many exterior modifications for cars. One of the latest and most talked about trend of car modifications is the Chrome paint. One difficulty of maintaining the body of your car is to prevent it from looking dull and bored. Many people tend to sell their used cars and get the new one, thus it is essential to make a unique appearance of your vehicle for getting more cash against it.

People of Dubai are always keen to customize and modify their vehicles for making them more pleasant and luxurious. The metallic kind of shiny finishing of cars bring the bling and flash look to your vehicle and changes its appearance entirely to a more luxurious and Hollywood style car. No matter you have a Ferrari or Volkswagen Beetle, the chrome paint can be done on both.

Dubai is known for its high life, glitz n glam and luxury cars. The famous automotive TV shows find Dubai as the house of most exotic cars in the world. The Emirate’s cars are high in fashion, exotic, luxurious, exclusive and high speed. No doubt Dubai has the largest market for customized and modified cars which bring more luxury and uniqueness to the automobiles.

Modifying cars is not a new phenomenon but it had been there for years. Moreover, new trends have been introduced to revamp the outlook for cars and make them a head turner. The paint of an automobile is one of the most important features of the car. From a vehicle’s design to aesthetics, the colour and paint of the car are very important. The chrome paint is a new trend which lets you paint the exterior of the vehicle with a shiny metallic finish.

Car Modification in Dubai – What is Chrome Paint?

The Chrome metallic sprays are made up of real metal leading flakes. They are durable and brings a bright reflective finish to the surface of the car. These paints look very extravagant and good quality ones protect the paint of the car from fading away even in extreme weather conditions and sunlight. The mirror-like finish adds more bling and flash to the outlook of the vehicle. These paints are also rust preventive thus the paint stays longer and doesn’t give a dull outlook to your vehicle.  Chroming will make your vehicle to stand out from the other cars and give it sudden extravagant looks.

Car Modification in Dubai - What is Chrome Paint?

Chroming Cars – How to Get It?

The shiny exterior achieved by chrome plating is actually done by electroplating chromium onto a metal surface. Many car enthusiasts like their cars to have this distinct look to make their cars more luxurious looking and appealing.

Chroming can be done by two ways.

  • Done by a professional/specialized chroming companies
  • Do it yourself with chrome automotive body kits available in the market.

DIY Chroming Starter Kits

First, before doing the chroming on your car, you must prepare it for the chroming process. It is an essential step to achieve the perfect and best results from the chroming process.

It is necessary to understand that chroming could be highly dangerous for your health. Thus ensure your safety first and do it in an open place where there is air ventilation. Use professional gloves and cover your nose, mouth and eyes too before starting the process.

Remove the rust from the exterior of your car so that the chroming process could give the best results and smooth finishing. Use the sanding technique to remove rust from your car by using sandpaper. The sanding should be done be done to the bare metal surface. Always use sandpaper in circular motions so that there are no harsh lines or excessive sanding on any single part of your car. Once finished with sanding, remove the debris and rust by wiping car’s surface with clean rags and thinner.

Once the sanding is finished, clean the area so that dust could not get on the surface again. Next step in chroming is to apply the primer. Cover the areas with masking tape and newspaper on which you do not want to spray the chroming paint. Use the instructions manual to prepare the primer and then spray chrome solution. You have to be very careful while doing this as chemicals could cause problems if not mixed in the right ratios. It may sound very easy to use the spray on chrome on your car by yourself but if any step missed or done wrong could be very dangerous.

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Professional Car Paint and Chrome Painting Company

There are multiple products available in the market which can give a chrome-like finish, but painting whole body of an automobile with chrome paint could be hassle-some and dangerous to do at home. There are many companies in Dubai and the UAE which give a complete theme for the perfect and exclusive look.

Chroming on Auto Parts and Car Exterior

It is found that chrome finish paint can be done on the whole body of the car or just specific parts like handles, bumpers etc. To get your cars more stylized and not breaking your bank, then it is suggested to chrome paint the rims or bumper of your car. As the advantage of chrome paint is that it provides better resistance to harsh weathers, chroming on some major parts of your car will not only enhance the beauty of your car but will also increase its durability too.

Chroming on Auto Parts and Car Exterior


Car Modification in Dubai has grown to new levels in the recent times. This is why many big names are found attracted towards this business. It is necessary to note that chrome paint is not legal all over the world. In few states it is illegal and in some states, it is allowed to racing cars which are to be shown in car shows.  The car customization trends which are famous in the US are followed and what the Hollywood movies feature. Dubai is one of the trendsetters and the trends introduced here are very much followed by the Gulf States. If you want to give your car an extravagant look and want to try something unique, then customized chrome paint is one great option to do so. Also, check from RTA about the customization and get the approval first, because if there’s any law regarding car modification which you do not follow, may lead to heavy fines and penalties.