A Complete Guide to Selling a Modified Car

Selling a modified car is not as straightforward as selling an unmodified car. This is true because of the fact that a modified car will possibly attract a limited segment of buyers. Modified cars can look great, perform incredibly well and can turn heads with some scintillating speed attributes, but when it comes to selling modified cars, they don’t really sell well until you choose the right approach and the right platforms to sell these cars. Car modifications are famous everywhere as many car enthusiasts get their cars modified to make them look good and to boost the performance of their vehicles. While selling the modified cars, it is important to look out for potential buyers who either understand the worth of a modified car or are somehow associated with selling and buying business of modified cars. A rational and practical approach can help and this is how a modified car can be sold at its highest resale price.

Why Selling a Modified Car is Difficult?

The modification that might appeal you, might not be my preference at all so it clearly differentiates the customer base of modified cars from cars which are not modified. The original build, design, and attributes of a car certainly attract buyers’ attention easily as compared to modified specifications. Not all car modifications go well with all car buyers like some buyers might not like a turbo-engine modification in a traditional hatchback as it might increase the speed and power attributes of the car but will affect the fuel-efficiency of the vehicle considerably. This is where the car seller has to be smart and look to find buyers whom the particular modification of car would appeal.

It can be difficult and time taking but eventually it pays off if you spend some extra time to find the right buyer to get an expected or close to expected resale price. If I am to sell my modified car in the used car market, I would first have to accept the fact that it will be a struggle selling the modified car at a good price. This is the only way to prepare yourself to make right decision at the right time, which eventually makes selling modified cars relatively easy.

Let’s now find out, what is the right approach to sell a modified car and how maximum benefits can be acquired by selling such a car.

Know the Right Value of Your Modified vehicle

Modified vehicles can be sold at the right price if you know the ideal resale price of your vehicle. Although, someone who has used a car for many years is the best evaluator of its value, there are still more refined and authentic ways of knowing the resale value of your car.

One of the best ways to know the resale price of a car is to evaluate the car’s price through a car value calculator. These car value calculators are highly intelligent automatic tools which identify the best possible market price of a vehicle on the basis of following factors:

  • Condition of the Car
  • Age of the Car
  • Car Model and Brand
  • Details of Modifications (If Any)
  • Details of the Car Paint
  • Car’s Service History

All these factors are brought into consideration when a car is evaluated through an online car value calculator. These are accurate calculations based on the market potential of a used car and even if you have a highly modified car, you can actually get decently accurate results as a suitable price of your vehicle.

Another way to know the right value of your car and to be sure of what the market value of your modified car is, you can take the vehicle to a car dealer and let him evaluate your car. This is quite a reliable approach to know the optimum value of the car but can at times include the liking of disliking of the dealer for a particular ca model which might affect the accuracy of the results.

While the online car valuation can be completed without paying anything to anyone, evaluation through car dealers might cost you money as dealers often charge fee to evaluate a car. Both methods can be adopted as per the ease and preference of the car seller but a car seller should always be looking to know the right value of a modified car before finding the buyers to sell it.

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Choose the Right Way to Sell Your Modified Car

In order to get the right value for your modified vehicle, it is important to choose the right way to sell it. While the most common method is to sell a modified car through a classified platform, there are other ways too that can be adopted for selling a car including selling a car to car dealers or to the specialist car buying companies that buy all types of cars and even the modified ones.

Choose the Right Way to Sell Your Modified Car

Selling a car through classifieds is not as easy as some car sellers might think. It actually can be more tedious and intimidating than some other ways to sell a modified car through classifieds because the car seller will have to make all the efforts to find the buyer and there will be no guarantee of even actually finding one. On the other hand, most of the classifieds do not have any secure method of filtering the users so many scammers could also approach you to buy your car. With that, there is no security of funds and deposits as there is no safe payment methods through which you can sell your car. You must be very cautious and proactive in your approach if you are looking to choose this particular method to sell your used car.

Selling through car dealers is more reliable than selling a car through classifieds. Dealers help the car sellers in getting done with the selling process but this method is not very useful because a seller might have to compromise on a number of benefits. Dealers usually don’t offer a good resale price when a car is older than two to three years and if the car is modified, the chances of getting a good price decrease even further.

The best and most effective way to sell modified cars is through specialist car buyers which are now available almost everywhere. These specialist car buyers guarantee buying every car and offer the most competitive prices for used car no matter if your car is modified or not. The most important facet in this deal for car sellers is that they don’t have to pay anything for the services offered to them by the specialist car buying companies whether it’s the paperwork or other lengthy procedures. The value quoted to the car seller is usually closest to the expectation of the car seller so it is actually a useful method to sell used cars.

The payments also become safe when you sell modified cars through specialist car buyers. This is because the payments are delivered through electronic bank transfer which is a highly safe and transparent method. While making your mind to sell a car to these car buying companies, it is important to validate the identity of these companies and one should only sell cars to specialist car buyers who have been operating in a particular area for a good stretch of time and have a good reputation there.


Selling a modified car demands a car seller to make right decisions at the right time and especially choosing the right platform to sell modified cars matters the most. Specialist car buying companies appear to be the most feasible option to sell such cars because they offer a safe method and the guarantee to buy any car.