How to Modify Car – Easiest Ways to Modify Your Car for Better Performance

When you want to modify your car for better performance, you often ask, “how to modify car?” There are many car modification techniques popular among people that they choose to modify any vehicle. Similarly, to improve the performance of the vehicle, there is no shortage of available modification options that you can follow to modify your car.

Some of the fundamental car modification tips demand you to pay attention to improving fuel efficiency and handling of your vehicle. You may want to install a new exhaust flow and replace suspension to modify the vehicle. However, you need to follow car modification tips that better suit your style and driving conditions.

Here are some tips for best car modifications that you can follow to modify your vehicle for improved and efficient performance.

How to Modify Car – Maximize Fuel Efficiency and Power

To improve the performance of the vehicle, there are some simple modification tips that you can follow. These tips help you in maximizing fuel efficiency and power of the vehicle. You can enhance fuel efficiency and power of your vehicle by changing the engine oil regularly as it helps in running the engine smoothly. Likewise, you need to ensure that the tires of the vehicle are running properly and they are not under-inflated or over-inflated. Your vehicle may require timing belt or chain adjustment or fluid changes at specific times to make your vehicle run smoothly. This is why, you need to follow these modification tips.

When you want to hit the road at higher speed, your car needs to breathe as it runs. The air intakes of your vehicle might need to be replaced when it comes to increasing the power of your vehicle. You can replace the car’s stock intake pipe with one that is designed to increase the power fuel efficiency of your vehicle. You can install cold air intakes that often have a larger diameter than stock intake pipe and increase the power of the vehicle. These air intakes include an aftermarket air filter that allows air to travel through at a higher volume for better performance. The cold air intakes include heat shielding to prevent the engine from rising temperature and thus, cooler the air, the denser it gets with oxygen to create more horsepower.

Cold Air Intakes

If you ask, “how to modify car?” then you need to pay attention to the condition of your car tires to make your vehicle run smoothly. Tires are extremely important to maximize fuel efficiency and power of the vehicle and the experts always recommend you to check the tire pressure once or twice a week. You need to ensure that your car tires are properly inflated when you are going on a trip. You need to remember that over-inflated tires need an earlier replacement as it damages the tread and depth of tires. Likewise, under-inflated tires might compromise your safety on the road as it can burst easily. Therefore, when you ask, “where can I modify my car tires?” you can go to a workshop to replace them or you can simply buy quality tires and replace them yourself.

Car Tyre

Modify My Car Online – Replace the Spark Plugs

Replacing your spark plugs is one of the most important car modification tips to improve the performance of your vehicle. Spark plugs are an essential part of your vehicle’s engine as they produce an electric spark that ignites the mixture of air and fuel in each cylinder of the engine. However, when spark plugs of the engine have limited ability to ignite the mixture of air and fuel, it results in the engine misfiring. There are different types of spark plugs available in the market and before choosing spark plugs to install in your engine, you can take advice from some experts about selecting plugs for your vehicle’s engine. You need to know that spark plugs are made from different materials and car enthusiasts often buy iridium plugs to improve the performance of the vehicle. Likewise, you need to take care while installing spark plugs as the incorrect height can compromise the plug’s ability, which results in the engine misfiring.

Spark Plug

Replacing Shocks and Springs

The suspension of your vehicle plays an important role in running the vehicle smoothly. Suspension enables the vehicle to run smoothly on any terrain and stiffer shocks and springs can compromise your comfort during the ride. However, on the other hand, the added stiffness that shocks and springs create, improve traction while accelerating, turning and braking. Therefore, if you say, “I want to modify my car for better performance” you can choose coil-overs that are adjustable shocks and springs, which lower the center of gravity of the vehicle and also serve to improve handling.

Upgrade the Brakes of Your Vehicle

Brakes are the most important safety feature in a vehicle and play an important role in its performance. The better the quality of your brakes is, the longer it performs and helps you in getting the best of your vehicle. When you ask, “how to modify car to run it smoothly?” there are different options available in the market when it comes to upgrading your brakes, from purchasing better brake pads and replacing them with better components. You can replace your rusted brake pads with aftermarket brake pads that are designed to improve the car’s ability to stop. You can ask a car expert about the options available for your specific car. In addition to this, you can replace your vehicle’s brake calipers and rotors with large ones to increase the friction surface of the brake pad to improve the ability of your vehicle to stop. Therefore, you can follow all these useful tips to maintain or replace the brake pads of your vehicle to improve its performance.

Car Brakes


So, when you ask, “how to modify car?” you should know and follow all these car modification tips to enhance the performance of your vehicle. Car modification has always been popular among car enthusiasts and the above-mentioned car modification tips are easy to follow and help you in improving the performance of your vehicle. You can follow these tips easily or you can take help from a car expert to discuss the condition of your vehicle and tips that will help you in improving its performance. If you are looking to sell your used car in UAE, you can follow these above-mentioned car maintenance tips to maintain your vehicle and sell it at a good resale price.