The Turbocharged and Modified Mini Cooper 2016 Convertible

The all-time favorite small but stylish convertible car Mini Cooper 2016 Convertible steps into the next generation. And has a lot to offer for the lovers of this car. The new and updated model of BMW-owned Mini Cooper has many upgrades from earlier models.  One of the most noticeable of its facet is that Mini has grown up and not mini anymore. The length has grown by 4.5 inches as compared to the last generation. The 4th generation Mini Cooper Convertible S is wider by 1.5” and got a longer wheelbase too. The important update Mini has got is in its bumper and grille design. The aesthetic changes can be seen on front half of the car. It has a bigger grille and the 2016 model has occupied most of the front fascia.

Mini Coope 2016 exterior

Turbo Power and Special Features of Mini Convertible

4th generation Mini Cooper 2016 Convertible S has 2.0-liter 4-Cylinder MINI Twin Power turbocharged Engine that can produce 189hp and 207 lb-ft of torque. The standard version has the 6-speed transmission. The latest convertible also offers a 134-hp, 162-lb-ft turbocharged, direct-injected 1.5-liter engine. Both automatic and manual versions are made for six-speed transmission, with front wheel driving. The automatic version can hit the 0-60 in 6.8 seconds and has a top speed of 143 mph. The manual version does it in 6.7 seconds and can get to the maximum speed of 142 mph. The technical specifications include VALVETRONIC, Dual VANOS and has 11.6 gallons of fuel capacity. It also has rain warning system, active rollover protection, head-up display, adaptive cruise control, 6 dual-stage airbags, advanced brakes, corner brake control and has an ultra-rigid body made up of second-generation multiphase steel.

2016 Mini Cooper features

Mini Cooper 2016 Interior Features

2016 Mini Cooper Convertible is not that small, so the seats are comfortable as well that makes the car a perfect ride for daily usage. This two door car has the capacity for 4 people. People complaint that convertibles have no cargo space, thus, Mini is no exception here. It has 5.7 cubic feet of space. But the new ‘Easy Load’ feature helps you here and larger items can be loaded in the small trunk just by flipping the two internal levers on either side of the trunk.  It pops up the rear roof and gives some space and access to the trunk. Other than that there is an option of the sunroof as well as a full drop-top.  The interior has a variety of high-end upholstery options. It offers Malt Brown Chesterfield Leather with diamond pattern stitching and has subtle ambient lighting in the cockpit that has 12 unique settings and 255 tones colour.

stylish interior of Mini Cooper 2016

Prices and Trims

From Sporty to standard, the convertible has three basic trims i.e. Cooper, Cooper S, and John Cooper Works (the sports version). It comes in different customizations and has a huge variety of beautiful colours. The Mini Cooper S Convertible comes in Volcanic orange, pepper white, chili red, white silver metallic, British racing green metallic, moonwalk grey semi-metallic, electric blue metallic, melting silver metallic, midnight black metallic, blazing red metallic, Caribbean aqua metallic and Lapis Luxury blue colour. Standard Mini Cooper price starts at $25,950 and Cooper S is priced at $29,600. But the sports version is slightly expensive and its price starts from $35,600.