Modified Cars: 4 Things to Know While Modifying Car Paint

In order to add more style to modified cars, the car owners either paste decals or get a new paint job. Decals and paint are the popular modification ideas that enhance the looks of the car. You can give a fresh look to your car by changing its paint. However, the car owners need to consider few things while changing paint of their cars because the paint results might not be what you expect.

Here we will discuss 4 things that car owners should consider while modifying paint of their cars.

Modified Cars: Cost of the Paint

Once you decide to renew your car’s appearance, you should determine your budget. The car owners can enhance the exterior of their modified cars through many ways. You will find a variety of paint colors for your car. In Dubai car market, you will find metallic, peel-able, lacquer and enamel paint types. However, you should estimate the cost of paint color before choosing it. In addition, check quality of the paint to get better results.

Removing Car Parts

For painting the car completely, some parts of the car are removed. By doing this, better paint results can be achieved. The professional car painter would remove engine and various trim parts to paint the car exterior extensively. For painting interior, car seats, center console and dashboard etc. will be removed. Other parts that cannot be removed would be covered with a tape or duct tape. Since painting the car requires great effort, it will cost high.  However, you can save the cost by getting paint only on the visible parts of the car.

Preparing the Car for Paint Job

Other than removing car parts, there are many other preparations that would be done. The old paint will be removed from the whole car. It is important to repaint the car efficiently. It includes various steps that are:

  • Determine parts to remove paint
  • Cover parts that don’t need to be painted
  • Remove dents and imperfections from the body
  • Clear wax and old paint coating
  • Mix the paint with thinner
  • Apply Paint in different coats

Preparing the Car for Paint Job

For getting the best paint results, you are required to approach a professional auto shop. The professional auto painter can ensure satisfactory results.

Time Required

Usually, car can be repainted in two to three days, but it also depends on the auto service provider. He may take a week to completely the paint job of the car because painting a car includes many steps. If your car has rust in some areas, it would take more time to remove it and prepare the surface of the car. For painting a car, different methods are used and each method takes different time.

Find a Reliable Auto Paint Shop

For getting new paint job for modified cars, the car owners should find a reliable auto paint shop. In order to know how to modify a car for better looks, the car owners should consider the above-discussed things.  You should get a new paint job from a professional and well-trained technician. In addition, you should search for the car modification Dubai ideas to boost the image of the car.