Performance Enhancing Car Modifications that Everyone Should Know About

Car enthusiasts care about their vehicle’s performance, and they often take measures to ensure that they can enhance it for a better car driving experience. While the standard fitting in a vehicle matches its capabilities, some car modifications can be introduced to improve performance. It must be kept in mind that not every modification works for every vehicle so car owners must research thoroughly before modifying their vehicles. Moreover, some modifications are illegal, and some can nullify the vehicle’s insurance. So, modifying a car is a major step that should be undertaken after careful consideration.

The following car modification can be considered to improve the vehicle’s performance:

Control Arm Bushing

Although this is not talked about much, suspension can make a massive difference in the performance of a vehicle. Subpar control arm bushings will lead to tyre wear and sloppy handling which every vehicle owner aims to avoid.

Car Wheels

The wheels of a car impact the performance of the vehicle as well by providing better grip, traction, and control to the driver. Car owners should learn about the variety of tyres that are available to be able to choose the right set for their vehicle. If the compound of the wheels is soft, it will warm up the wheel faster giving it a better grip, but it can be bad for durability.  Most race cars have tyres with soft compounds but for regular commute, car owners must consider if such tyres are worth it.

Racing Wheels

Instead, car owners must pay attention to the fitment, strength, and weight of the wheels. The suspension and body panel should not be affected by the fitment of the wheels. The weight has an impact on the cornering, braking, safety, and acceleration. One way to make wheels lightweight is by replacing the stock rims. This will help get better responsiveness, handling, and body control.

Sway Bars

The impact of sway bars varies with drivelines so for a vehicle with front-wheel drive, a stiff sway bar will decrease the understeer. This is something front-wheel drive cars often suffer from so a stiff sway bar can help avoid it. For a rear-wheel drive, a stiff sway bar will reduce oversteer which is a problem often faced by rear-wheel-drive cars.

In the case of all-wheel drive, a stiff sway bar can be installed at the rear to avoid understeer and in the front to avoid oversteer. The sway bar reduces the body roll of the vehicle while cornering having a massive impact on the performance of the vehicle.

Throttle Body

Upgrading the throttle body can improve the horsepower but it will not impact it substantially if there is not a proper engine set up to support it. High-performance throttle bodies increase airflow, improve the throttle response, and energizes the engine. But the car owner must have a reason to install a high-performance throttle otherwise it will be a waste.

Limited Slip Differential

If the wheels of the vehicle have some kind of differential installed inside the wheels it will help the wheels turn slower than the outside of the wheels while cornering. If this feature is not built-in, then the wheels and drivelines can tear up and lead to the vehicle making sharp turns with less control. With a limited-slip differential, there is a limited amount of speed difference between the two tyres to ensure that they are getting traction.

ECU Program

Advance technology is becoming more popular and with the ECU program, there is an opportunity for car enthusiasts to remap their vehicle’s engines. However, it must be kept in mind that this modification is likely to void the warranty of the vehicle. It is better to do proper research before undertaking this modification to avoid any problems later.

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The mix of air/fuel that is considered perfect is 14.1:1 but the ratio can vary based on application. As the bottleneck to the engine’s horsepower is the airflow, there is no problem blowing more fuel into the cylinders. So, find a way to blow as much fuel as possible to improve the engine’s performance.

Subframe Connectors

Subframe connectors improve the problem of body flex and improve the rigidity chassis. This modification is installed at the bottom of the chassis by incorporating steel tubing and bolting reinforcements. When the vehicle is cornering the weight of the vehicle transfers from front to back and side to side. Subframe connectors can improve the vehicle’s performance during cornering by eliminating body flex.

Seats and Harness

Installing race car seats can change the car driving experience as they will enhance the comfort level of the driver. Moreover, the weight of race seats is considerably lighter than stock seats which is also a plus for improving the performance of the car. It is not an absolute necessity but if car owners prefer better performance and comfort, they can consider incorporating this modification into their vehicle.

Seats and Harness


Car modifications are a great way to improve the performance of a vehicle. However, these modifications must be installed after thorough research and a clear understanding of their impact on the vehicle. Some modifications may even require the removal of the original parts. If the car owners decide to get these performance-enhancing modifications, they should hire a mechanic for this purpose instead of doing it themselves to avoid any safety hazard.