Top 2 Vehicle Modifications Trends in 2018

Vehicle modifications are considered a way to make your vehicle more impressive and good looking in terms of enhancing its appeal. There are many types of modifications including performance modifications and interior or exterior modifications which has a great impact on your car. In the UAE, not all types of vehicle modifications are allowed by the authorities, thus the UAE residents must know which car modifications are legal and can be safe for them and other motorists too.

Vehicle modifications are the latest trend and therefore one must know that how and what impact they can have on your vehicle. Also, modifications leading to noise pollution, unsafe driving and making your vehicle prone to accidents are illegal in the UAE and the violators can have to face strict penalties for violating the laws.

Every car has some space to get modified and make it look better or perform better as per your needs.  Though there are many trends coming and going to modify your car and make it look appealing and performing well. Every year many new car trends are introduced and here the predictions say that these two trends are going to be popular.

Here the top two trends of vehicle modifications are discussed in detail and what is the trendiest and modern away to achieve those trends for your car.

Car Wraps in Vehicle Modifications

Car wraps are not a new trend for many maybe in vehicle modifications, as they are in the market for past some years. They have been a massive car modifications trend due to the unique identity and exterior of your vehicle. With time there has been seen advances and methods of application, prints and materials. The modern materials used have a similar finish to a paint and onlookers cannot distinguish whether it is a car wrap or paint. There are some high-gloss finish car wraps available in the market which are very popular and look seriously impressive. Apart from fleet advertising purposes car wraps are a unique and very trendy way to modify the exterior of your car. They are less expensive as a re-respray, looks very modern and can be easily taken off without damaging the exterior of your car.

Car Wraps in Vehicle Modifications

The car wraps which are going to be popular this year are thought to be the following.

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Color Shifting Wraps

Last year, matte and single colour wraps were a popular trend in vehicle modifications, whereas this has changed for 2018. The colour changing and vinyl wraps in glossy or even matte finish for vehicle modifications are now available in the market. These colour shifting vinyl wrappings are available in many qualities including a multi-tone paint job which saves time and gives the look of a real paint job.

Color Shifting Wraps

Textured Car Wraps

As the popularity of car wraps grow, designers have started getting experimental with it. Texture car wrapping is also available in the market which is gaining popularity as well. The personalized looks of the wrap look very modern and trendy and can be used for all type of cars. The visual textures include carbon fibre, brushed metal, wood grain, leather, riveted steel and many other finishing. These are legal to have and look very classy on all types of the vehicle without damaging the actual paint of your car.

Textured Car Wraps

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Air Suspension

Air suspension has been popular among vehicle modifications for some years now but due to being an expensive modification, not many people were able to get this done. As now the prices have become affordable and also many people are giving deals on this modification, car enthusiasts need to get this done for making their cars more amazing. Basically, it is a type of vehicle suspension to raise the chassis from the axle and make your ride smooth. These are also called airbags fitted into the existing suspension. This helps to properly distribute weight among all four tires making your ride smooths and comfortable. It also provides safety when your vehicle is towing or bearing heavy loads. Mainly, there are two types of air installation, leaf spring vehicles and coil spring vehicles.

According to the latest technologies in vehicle modifications, drilling your car frame is not requires, and the process is made easy and quick. The installation process is made quick and can be done within a few hours. Usually, it had been done is busses, trucks and passengers vehicles, but the latest modification trends have introduced it in other vehicles too for making their performance and ride quality smoothly.

Whereas, there are many latest vehicles coming in the market by renowned brands which are already having air suspension technique and thus it makes them an expensive vehicle as well. These include Rolls-Royce, Jeep, Cadillac, Maybach, Lexus, Lincoln, Ford, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Ram, Audi, Volkswagen, Subaru, Tesla, Citroen and Ford as well. While in some brands, the suspension systems are designed to adjust the height of the vehicle, making entering in vehicle easy, clear rough terrain and clear bumps.

These vehicle modifications are supposed to enhance the performance of your vehicle by making the ride smooth. Another benefit of air suspension is that it helps to move the vehicle up and down, improves the responsiveness and promotes a fuel-efficient drive of your vehicle. Also, if your vehicle is old and does not perform well, this modification can help to enhance its performance as well. Old vehicles come with coil spring suspension but they can be modified with air bag suspension kits to these old type of cars. They can either add some parts to the old suspension system or the original system can also be converted to a new system enabling it to perform well.


Vehicle modifications is not a new term, but new techniques and technologies make it possible to achieve a new look to your vehicle. The above-mentioned modifications were thought as expensive and rare in personal cars, but by the time the prices have become affordable and accessible to many. One must analyze their car first and check out the laws about that particular modification to avoid any penalties and troubles. Also, it must be understood that not all vehicle modifications are suitable for all vehicles and thus one must do some research before choosing the modification for their car. Once you have done some research, also check if that modification increases or decreases the resale value of your vehicle. Otherwise, at the time of resale, sellers could face troubles.