Top 4 Highly Modified Cars Ever Built by Mansory

Mansory is a well-known brand that is recognized for making highly modified cars from various automotive companies. The intelligent minds working behind this brand have been putting all their efforts into delivering an amazing design and performance that many people would appreciate. The masterminds working for this brand employ some of the extremely efficient technologies in modifying the cars that already have succeeded in conquering the automotive world.

Mansory, being a well-established brand, also showcases its most modified cars in various auto shows. Let us review a few modified automobiles by Mansory.

Bugatti Veyron VIVERE – One of the Incomparable Highly Modified Cars

Bugatti Veyron VIVERE was regarded as one of the dazzling masterpiece by Mansory when it was manufactured. This extremely expensive vehicle is worth 3 million dollars and is an eye candy to every automaker and viewers. It is a modified car with few, but mesmerizing features that includes:

Bugatti Veyron VIVERE

  • Daytime LED lights exterior
  • Shorter Bonnet
  • A well-styled V at front (Referring to its name VIVERE)
  • Newly added side skirts
  • A fine touch of refinement to tyres that in turn gave an added beauty as well as better performance
  • Use of carbon-fiber in the interior

There are a whole lot of performance enhancing factors in this car as well. However, Mansory is known for using the ultra-light Carbon Fiber in the manufacturing of automotive panels. This is why the top cars to modify have been resulted in a better revised version.

Mansory Ferrari F12 La Revoluzione – A Treat for the Eyes

Everyone is quite familiar with the fact that Ferrari is recognized for the production of ravishing and astounding Formula One cars. However, Mansory succeeded in providing a modified version of F12 and left everyone astonished by revealing the modified sports car.

Mansory Ferrari F12 La Revoluzione

The new modified car contained various modified characteristics in its design including new technology design for air guidance system, formula one nose, efficient double-walled tailpipes etc. This was an excellent bodywork design that received a lot of compliments by car enthusiasts.

It features carbon fiber body panels, as it is a preferred material to be used in comparison to other regular metal or plastic work because it has extra-ordinary long lasting useful effects. Some of them are:

  • Carbon Fiber Oriented vehicles are twice rigid and stronger than the traditional ones.
  • Panels made from Carbon Fiber are lighter than the steel or aluminum parts.
  • The lighter weight of a vehicle tends to give more speed to the vehicle.
  • Most modified cars by Mansory give better aerodynamic effects that result in better fuel economy.
  • Carbon Fiber panels have the capability to give a better visual representation as well.

Even many other auto manufacturers have also tried the application of Carbon Fiber panels for styling and performance improving purposes.

Bentley Continental GT Speed Vitesse Rosé – One Fine Choice for Beauty Lovers

In a discussion about top cars to modify, how can one forget the ultimate beauty of Bentley modified by Mansory? Vitesse Rosé, of course comes to the mind instantly for its striking exterior and cool design.

Bentley Continental GT Speed Vitesse Rosé

In French, Vitesse means Speed and Rosé is known by its color as well as its beauty.  Its name speaks for all the dominating features such as the complete Carbon-Fibered body, dynamic significant style, sleek and pink color of the car etc.

A strong grip and handling was made possible by using an optimized air duct system in this two-door car.  Not only the exterior but the interior is well-crafted by the designers to ensure maximum user comfort.

Mansory is also known for employing a different metallic composition for better results. Such as, the wheels of Vitesse Rosé were made of light-weight alloys that played a major role in highlighting this car amongst top most highly modified cars. However, this pink-colored fascinating beauty was produced only in limited numbers.

Mercedes-Benz G63 Sahara Edition – A Powerful SUV

Well, just when everyone thought that Mansory could not beat off-road SUVs, it represented the ultimate best, Mercedes AMG G63, outdoing most modified cars. This SUV was manufactured as a revision with the following aspects:

Mercedes-Benz G63 Sahara Edition

  • All the body components of this off-road vehicle were re-designed with the ultra-light Carbon Fiber.
  • The front bumper was replaced with the new bumper, ensuring an underride protection. Whereas, the rear bumper was re-designed with the new Carbon-made bumper.
  • New headlights were a prominent addition that helped with advancing the security features in an SUV. An added luminosity with the help of newly mounted lights on the roof gave better visibility option for people who like off-road journeys.

These and many other added elements helped G63 Sahara to achieve the 828 hp instead of 536 hp.

Mansory is located in Brand, Germany and it is known for producing highly modified cars. Their cars are extremely attractive and perform great and are much sought after all over the world.